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Every accomplishment is the beginning of the next leg of our journey

REVIVAL was established in 2021 as a social enterprise with a vision to deliver the best quality organic food all around the world. With the right leadership and guidance from the REVIVAL team we have set a new path in the food industry. REVIVAL’s mission is to work for the well-being of the environment, have equal footing for the stakeholders, farmers and consumers, deliver high grade natural food mixes to everyone consistently and keep the quality of the food products high without fail.

The R&D department’s tireless effort and dedication helped us to grow as a strong force in the ready to cook field. We have put a lot of money into organic and natural food research and development, organic raw material procurement, market analysis, market survey, cutting-edge processing technologies, greener manufacturing practices, and quality standards, to name a few things.

We take pride in offering top-notch items all over the world since we are inventive and follow the current wants of our customers. We take pleasure in being an innovative and eco-friendly manufacturer of the widest range of organic and natural instant food products.

Our Vision

  • To bring happy memories and unforgettable moments to our customers by providing a delicious, high-quality, exceptional food experience and improving their lives on a daily basis
  • To blend our distinctive know-how and legacy into our ready-to-eat food products while working for the greater good of our employees, community, and environment
  • To strategically position ourselves as one of the world’s most admired global food marketers and distributors by marketing and selling high-quality food consistently

Our Mission

  • To serve traditional and easy to cook recipes to every family by creating authentic food with an upbeat experience
  • To delight and nourish our customers with healthy, high-quality, and delectable food at a fair price
  • To create amazing plant-based experiences with our food technology skills that are beneficial for the people and the environment
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