Mr. T. Shanta Kumar

Mr.T. Shanta Kumar, the Managing Director of REVIVAL, also leads a group of companies including KirtilalKalidasJewellersPvt Ltd, VisparkJewellery manufacturers Pvt Ltd, Suraj Agro Infrastructure Pvt Ltd and Benchmark SoftechPvt Ltd. With his vast expertise in the business field he has made REVIVAL a globally recognized brand. His wisdom and vision for a better, greener future in the ready to cook food industry has led to the founding of REVIVAL. Mr.T. Shanta Kumar also holds highly respected positions such as Honorary Consul General of Malta for South India. He is also the Vice President and Consular Corps Diplomatique -India.

Director - Business Strategy

Mr. SurajShanta Kumar

Mr. SurajShanta Kumar has shown his proficiency in managing and bringing fresh out-of-the-box ideas to ensure the growth of REVIVAL in the worldwide market. With his on-point innovative ideas and practical experience in managing famous brands like KirtilalKalidasJewelleryPvt Ltd, SurajAgimpex House, Suraj Agro Infrastructure Pvt Ltd, VisparkJewellery Manufacturers and SJK innovations, Mr. Suraj has always strived to provide better results for each and every venture and consistently on the look-out for fresh and exciting business strategies.  He holds the diplomatic position of Honorary Consul of Kazhakhstan for South India. He has taken initiatives focusing more on the consumer demands and also has incorporated global market strategies for REVIVAL and managed to follow the ongoing trends.

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