Mr. Rajendran

Just like experience makes an expert, Mr. Rajendran has shown his vast knowledge in the business field with his 25+ years of experience. Mr. Rajendran and his mastery are well known in the jewelry, agro and export business markets. His craft for managing business ventures has led him to guide REVIVAL in the right direction and foster its growth. His precise decision making and vital input has helped REVIVAL reach the Global standard in the ready-to cook food industry.

Head Horeca

Mr. Mohinuddin

The hotel, restaurant and cafe industry is one of the main pillars of the food market around the globe and with Mr. Mohinuddin’s skillfulness and command over the industry, he has set a new chapter in the ready to cook field and uplifted the face value of our product globally. He is heading REVIVAL’s Horeca team skillfully while thoroughly understanding the market within India and abroad, especially in the Middle- East. REVIVAL has adopted good business practices and reached new heights with the expertise of Mr. Mohinuddin and aims to reach further milestones in the future.

Head- Global Sales & Marketing

Mr. TahirRahamathullah

With 30+ years of expertise and knowledge in Exports and FMCG in the global market, Mr. Tahir has helped REVIVAL stand firm in the ready-to-cook industry across the globe. Mr. Tahir has worked in the Middle- East with many brands in the dairy, ice-cream industries and also with frozen food products and dried food product fields. His thorough study of the new market changes and adopting the suitable strategies has made REVIVAL a globally recognized food product. Mr. Tahir has shown and guided REVIVAL in improving sales in Canada and other countries.

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