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Revival Foods

The safe food in an unsafe livelihood…

When the science of home-made food, the taste of long-time cooking and the quality of a well-planned diet is brought together inside a packet, the outcome is a mélange by the name “REVIVAL”.

REVIVAL is a commanding brand in the ready to cook mix industry creating a natural, healthy and trouble free food habit for everyone around the globe. The ever growing mission to deliver homemade like food is one of the many stepping stones that REVIVAL aspires to achieve. With the intention of delivering top grade food products, the focus is on maintaining the quality norms which is the sequel of full- fledged research on organic and natural foods, thorough market analysis and eco-friendly manufacturing. By conjointly providing an equal footing to all the stakeholders, REVIVAL wants to take on the world of ready-to-cook mix in the right way. Certified with ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and GMP under USDA and Indian organic Food standards, REVIVAL symbolizes product quality, safety and supply.

Our range of Ready to Cook mixes is the result of our vast culinary expertise. They are not only 100% vegetarian, but also 100% natural, having no preservatives and using the finest ingredients.

We blend Authentic Indian Flavors in Modern Revival…

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Our Strengths

Breakfast Buffet Spread

Breakfast is the vital meal of the day, and REVIVAL offers an assortment ranging from multi millet pongal, upma to tasty pancakes.  You will never get bored and run out of options with our wide variety of breakfast items. Each food’s incredibly simple to produce package not only contains natural ingredients, but also has a traditional home cooked feel to it.

Healthy balanced diet

In an age where time is everything and food comes in easy to grab packages, it is not easy to follow a health regime or food habit. REVIVAL’s food products stand out in this regard. They are not only palatable for your tastebuds, but also made in a way to maintain your health as well. The multi lentil dosa mix, the multi millet bisibele bath mix and the Ramadan fasting porridge mix are all made focusing on a better diet that fits all.

Nature-inspired technology

REVIVAL has been trying to incorporate technology with nature to provide not only a healthy diet for everyone but also to have a healthy environment around us. Being an eco-friendly manufacturer, REVIVAL uses solar powered tunnel dryer for the natural drying of ingredients and solar cold storage to preserve the raw materials. To retain the freshness, the packaging is also done with care and precision without the use of preservatives.

Energy Over-loaded

Porridge mixes are not everyone’s favorite when it comes to food. But, with their unique formula, REVIVAL transforms that old bland porridge into a healthy goodness. The ragi porridge and the bajra porridge mixes are full with vitality. These 100% natural and vegetarian mixes are made suitable for everyone including toddlers and kids.

High Quality Standard

REVIVAL’s aim and purpose is to deliver high quality food products around the globe. From collecting raw materials to packaging, REVIVAL always puts forth a quality standard and we make no compromise to reach that. We employ a zero-waste method to prepare 100 percent organic vegetarian cuisine. REVIVAL has also raised the bar in quality control in the ready-to-cook food industry with defect-free and high-quality packaging.

Professionally Qualified team

REVIVAL’s R&D team is a strong support system that strives to move forward with a systematic approach and innovative ideas to produce a result that is beneficial for both the customers and the environment. As an environmentally conscious manufacturer, REVIVAL collaborates with well-known food and industry experts and also partners with CFTRI in Mysore, Tamilnadu Agricultural University in Coimbatore and Central Institute of Agricultural Engineering, Periyar University.


What our clients say

Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Our facility had trouble receiving quality food products and the deliveries were inconsistent. That's where Revival stepped in. They exported and delivered the products consistently without fail. The freshness of the products is kept without any chemical preservatives. And they have made private labeling and exporting very easy to handle with any complications. Revival is doing the best to keep up with the mission and vision they share.


We have been looking for alternatives for delicious homemade food that are healthy and less time consuming. Revival's food products were a match made in heaven for us. Healthy, mouth-watering ready to cook packs is a lifesaver in the busy world we live in where time is so precious. The products are pure organic and the packaging is also very easy to handle. With proper cooking instructions we can make tasty foods without worrying about calories. Definitely recommend Revival ready to cook meals for everyone.

Mr. Salim

It has been a pleasure to work with Revival. The products for our label were delivered on time and of high quality as the team promised.They handled the production, packaging and delivering consistently and thoroughly without fail. The packaging was also top notch. No damaged goods or packages were received.The approach they had was really professional. We would like to work with them in the future as well.

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