Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Our facility had trouble receiving quality food products and the deliveries were inconsistent. That’s where Revival stepped in. They exported and delivered the products consistently without fail. The freshness of the products is kept without any chemical preservatives. And they have made private labeling and exporting very easy to handle with any complications. Revival is doing the best to keep up with the mission and vision they share.


We have been looking for alternatives for delicious homemade food that are healthy and less time consuming. Revival’s food products were a match made in heaven for us. Healthy, mouth-watering ready to cook packs is a lifesaver in the busy world we live in where time is so precious. The products are pure organic and the packaging is also very easy to handle. With proper cooking instructions we can make tasty foods without worrying about calories. Definitely recommend Revival ready to cook meals for everyone.

Mr. Salim

It has been a pleasure to work with Revival. The products for our label were delivered on time and of high quality as the team promised.They handled the production, packaging and delivering consistently and thoroughly without fail. The packaging was also top notch. No damaged goods or packages were received.The approach they had was really professional. We would like to work with them in the future as well.

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